John R. Duke

Watercolor Artist/Instructor
1981 BFA Atlanta College of Art

"In 2005 after going on dialysis and then having a kidney
transplant, John now has a new perspective on life.  It shows in the way
he paints and teach others to see the world's natural beauty portraying it
through bright transparent colors.  John fell in love with the way watercolors flow,
their brightness and transparent quality."

His work has won  numerous awards in many exhibitions and has
been seen on the CBS Better Morning Atlanta, morning show with host,
Tracye Hutchins.  In June of 2012, he was asked to accept the position of Vice Chair
for the Snellville Art Commission.   John's studio is located in Snellville, GA at
Cobble Creek Studios where he instructs Art education in Watercolor.

Memberships:    Snellville Arts Commission
             Southern Heartland Art Guild   
             North Georgia Arts Guild
             North Gwinnett Arts Association and Art Station

    "Thru the years of creating in different mediums, I now work
    primarily in Watercolors. I like to start with light pale colors,
    building up layers to achieve more depth and a brightness that
    is realistic, yet in a painterly fashion.

    I love that the translucent colors seem to have a spirit of their
    own, bringing the artwork to life.  My hopes are that others will want
    and enjoy the peaceful harmony of these paintings as much as I enjoy
    creating them."  ~John Duke
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